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Understand your people more deeply. Screen for suitability. Ramp up retention.


Data-led fitness for work and training programs ensure people and tasks are well matched.


Objectively analyse processes, environments, and how people interact with equipment.


Early intervention and rehabilitation monitoring keep recovery on track.

Insights and

Functional and wellbeing outcomes guide decisions and a sustainable return to work.

Fluid, flexible and fast safety solutions


A person-first approach

We start with a conversation to get to know the people, procedures and physical places behind your business. Then, we add data to provide a clear picture of your needs and opportunities.

  • Discovery and consultation sessions
  • Expert analysis of existing data and research
  • Easy-to-interpret playback sessions


Custom-fit tech solutions

No two bodies are the same, so safety solutions shouldn’t be either. We find the best camera vision, wearable sensor, and motion tracking technology in the world – and create the right blend of tech to suit your needs.

  • Bespoke tech solutions
  • Completely customised reporting outputs
  • Access to expert consultants for the duration of your project

Your safety and solutions marketplace

Maintain flexibility with solutions that grow with you. As your tech broker and consultant, we’re here to make sure you’re choosing the best product in market and getting a competitive deal across every solution.

Custom-fit tech solutions

AI computer vision technology offers a scalable and fast solution for assessing both functional movement and job task analysis of individual workers – no matter where they are in the world. All you need is a web link and access to a camera – it’s that simple.

Wearable sensor technology

Find the gaps between policies and practice with wireless wearable sensor technology fitted to your employees as they go about their tasks. Analyse the risk of job tasks by viewing video and analytics side-by-side straight from your tablet device.


Score a person’s general movement against your needs. Conduct functional assessments easier than ever before with our AI motion capture technology for functional movement, MotionTrack6.

The best part? They can do it from the comfort of their own home – saving everybody time.

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Data-based decision making

Gain the knowledge to take the right actions with the GRID – a centralised dashboard developed by Longitude6 that gives you access to aggregated data and insights across all of your technology inputs.

  • Key metrics to guide everything from risk management to hiring
  • Aligns management, allied health staff, and employees to reduce risk across the board
  • Easy-to-interpret results and easy-to-implement action plans and exercise programs

Independent iMPLEMENTation

Long-term risk reduction

We’re consultants, not salespeople. That means we empower you with objective data and technology solutions  so you can make your own health and safety decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Trial the tech with a short-term project
  • Leverage our brokers and network of technology partners to  purchase technology and support at special rates
  • Start reducing injury risks sooner with faster decision making enabled by our expertise and connections


We’re your safety solutions partner – no matter whether your employees are pulling espressos or cables.


Sharing the same vision

Cardinus Risk Management has an enviable global reputation for office, hybrid and laboratory ergonomics software and solutions. They needed a partner that matched their vision, passion and total focus on customer service for their move into industrial ergonomics.

We spent a long time looking at the global market and when we found Longitude6 we knew we had found the right partner to work with.

Andy Hawkes, CEO
Cardinus Risk Management


A game-changing partnership

Water Industry Solutions (WIS) had experienced a wave of musculoskeletal injuries across their civil construction industry workforce resulting in lengthy workers compensation claims. L6 technologies helped them identify existing injuries and prevent future injuries based on how individuals functionally move.

Working with Longitude6 over the past four years has been inspiring. Right from that very first meeting, Mark and his team have been nothing short of amazing, truly engaged in supporting our business objectives to improve the wellbeing of our employees and to succeed.

Kathlyn Smart, Manager Safety, People and Performance
Water Industry Solutions (WIS)

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