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We bring the world's

best in injury prevention

to the workplace.

Longitude6 helps organisations just like yours increase

productivity and employee performance by reducing

workplace injuries and associated costs.


Through a blend of best-of-breed technology and services with future focussed thought systems we design safer working environments for your employees. 

We've reimagined injury prevention in the workplace.

Workplace safety is a competitive necessity, not a HR or compliance luxury. The costs associated with a poorly designed and high risk workplace can be catastrophic and have devastating impact on your business.


It’s not uncommon for companies to go to great lengths and invest significant amounts gathering insights to detail and reduce exposure through a better understanding of their environment in the hope to greatly reduce the risk associated with the workplace.


To combat the growing challenges with preventing work related injuries, Longitude6 has developed two distinct approaches that help with this, using the latest technology to analyse and help reduce the risks before accidents have a chance to occur.

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The birth of the Delta Method


To future-proof your business, we’ve developed the Delta Method, a human-centred approach to workplace safety and injury prevention that puts the actions of your employees at the centre of the solution, not just the environment.


The Delta Method incorporates world-leading technology and Longitude6’s unique approach to develop an objective, insightful analysis of your business and the opportunity for improvement. Upon completion of the program you will be armed with recommendations and a plan for decision making, validated with data around how to change and future proof your unique safety ecosystem.

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Best of breed technology

Technology is changing the face of health and safety in the workplace. Once used to simply improve worker productivity or to acquire more accurate data, now workplace technology is a fundamental element for addressing an organisation’s safety risks and exposures, injury prevention and improving overall employee health and wellbeing.


Through the use of motion capture and wearable technology, Longitude6 is able to provide through analysis and reporting on a broad range or repetitive employee tasks and activities. All in aid to prevent workplace related injuries before they happen.

Delta Method

How it works

The Delta Method is a unique and innovative proprietary system which facilitates the design and creation of your optimal Workplace Risk Ecosystem. The information gathered from our analysis positions you to achieve your objectives in reducing the cost and impacts of workplace injuries on your business and people.

The Delta Method uses innovative workplace tools and our expertise to analyse your operations to identify opportunities for improvement across the entire employment continuum from pre-employment, induction, operations, injury management, rehabilitation and return to work.

The Delta Method adopts a controlled and methodical approach to understanding your business, including comprehensive desktop assessment, operational reviews, consultation and data-analysis of your existing workplace risk systems. This information is reviewed by our team of risk management and technology experts to consult with you on your potential new Workplace Risk Ecosystem.

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Longitude 6 is able to provide you access and on-boarding support to any one of our brilliant technologies or services. All capable of working together or apart within your current workplace, no matter the size or complexity.


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